Update – July 2022

As we continue to design the potable water system, Water Infrastructure Holdings (WIH) representatives met with customers two times regarding the design of customer piping from the water main to their homes. We reviewed the location of the current water well, connections to indoor plumbing and outdoor spigots, and other utilities to determine the best path for the service connection piping from the water main to customer homes. A private utility locator will visit prior to the start of construction to ensure our design avoids any utilities on the property.

WIH is also working with customers, Lapeer County and the Village of Metamora to secure easements to allow construction of the water system and allow WIH to have future access to those portions of the system that will remain the responsibility of WIH, such as the water main and curb boxes. We cannot complete the design of the waterline until we have obtained all of the easements.

WIH recently made a decision to install customer piping using directional drilling techniques. The piping will be installed approximately five feet below ground surface.  The ground surface above the pipeline, including any driveway, landscaping and associated structures, will not be disturbed by installing the customer piping using directional drilling and can continue to be used.  Pits will be dug at each end of the line to allow drilling. Some digging will be necessary for the connection into customer homes.