What to Expect as A WIH Customer

Water Infrastructure Holdings, Inc. (WIH) is committed to investing in the development of the WIH waterline extension project for your area. WIH will design, build and manage the potable waterline at its sole expense. However, customers will incur an expense if they decide to connect during or after construction.

The connection work includes running the individual customer piping from the water main to the house and connecting it to the home, landscape repairs to return the ground to its pre-existing condition. Costs for future maintenance, repair or replacement of customer piping and interior plumbing connections are the responsibility of the customer.

The Village of Metamora has placed certain restrictions and surcharges on purchase of potable water by WIH and those restrictions apply to purchase of water by the customer(s).  Use of potable water supplied by WIH is limited to residential indoor use (e.g., drinking, cooking, bathing, clothes washing, etc.).  Your existing well will be plumbed to provide water to your outdoor spigots.

WIH customers will have the responsibility to:

  • Pay monthly water bills
  • Comply with the above water restrictions

An estimate of the average monthly water bill is $60, including the $14.90 monthly maintenance fee from the Village.

View Rules and Regulations

View Village of Metamora Water Ordinance